Return Policy

We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase and your shopping experience.  If for any reason you don't want something you have purchased from us you can return it to us within 20 days of receiving the item for full credit of the purchase price provided the following is applicable:

  • Item must be in new/unused condition
  • Return must be requested within 20 days of receipt
  • No credit will be given for the original outgoing shipping charge

All products must be in new, unopened condition in order to be returned. The following qualifies for new/unopened condition:

  • A piece of clothing that still has the tags attached and/or has not been worn
  • A item that has not been assembled
  • An air gun that has not been cocked/fired
  • An item with the factory seal intact

Examples of products that are not in new condition and will be refused:

  • A boot with mud on it (has been worn outside)
  • A riflescope that has been mounted
  • An optic without the shrink-wrap around the original box
  • Any blister-packed item that has been opened
  • Any item with damage to the manufacturer packaging

 Items Damaged In Transit

If your item was damaged in transit, please hold on to all packaging materials and contact us as soon as possible.  Pictures of the damage may be requested if available to help with the insurance claim.  We will file the claim on your behalf and send you a replacement item at no extra cost once the claim has been resolved with the shipping carrier.

Defective Items

If you received a defective item, please contact the manufacturer directly.  Most manufacturers will replace any defective item as agreed to under their warranty.  If you are not able to reach a satisfactory resolution with the manufacturer, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help out.

Items with Free Shipping

Items with free shipping can be returned.  The cost of outgoing shipping will be deducted from the credit issued.

 Used and Other Items

Any other return is at the discretion of ManVenture Outpost

Firearms, Ammuntion, and Special Orders are not returnable, no exceptions.