Gunmaster Targetize1 Firearms Training Sensor
Gunmaster Targetize1 Firearms Training Sensor

Gunmaster Targetize1 Firearms Training Sensor

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The Targetize Aim sensor was developed by a talented team of ex-military and special forces engineers along with expert shooting coaches. Targetize company specializes in detection algorithms and real time analysis of bio-mechanical data. The team develops a turnkey project including: Complex
algorithms, advanced hardware, durable plastics and user friendly apps.

The Targetize Aim sensor is a smart, light weight, multi array motion sensor, mounted onto the rail of a pistol. Targetize Aim helps a shooter track, control and improve muzzle movement management. It provides real time feedback of a muzzle’s heading in relation to the point of aim. The Targetize Aim app will support the shooter by not only providing real time visualization of the shot made but also uidance, corrective feedback,
improvement tips, and tracking progress over time.


- Super durable hard shell plastic (Glass fiber reinforced nylon)
- LED light gestures
- 9 Axis motion sensor
- Long battery life
- Get personalized feedback on your shooting errors along with tips on how to correct them and improve your skill
- Track your accuracy, grouping and stability scores over time, see what works for you and what doesn’t. Keep records of your stats
- Get instant feedback on your muzzle movement while taking the shot. See the difference between the point of aim & the bullet’s heading

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