Gear Aid 19503 Camo Form Obsession
Gear Aid 19503 Camo Form Obsession
Gear Aid

Gear Aid 19503 Camo Form Obsession

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Camo Form Protective Camouflage Wrap Better Than Tape! Finally you can bring any of your guns into the field without worrying about damage from scratches, nicks or worse! And unlike messy tapes, Camo Form leaves no sticky residue when removed. This heavy duty stretch fabric wrap clings to itself as it's wrapped on the gun. It stays solidly in place and won't sag, even in wet weather. It conforms to any shape and be cut and applied to the smallest moving parts. Camo Form dramatically improves grip and insulates hands from uncomfortably hot or cold surfaces and helps prevent guns and bows from slipping in the field. Wrap Camo Form around any piece of outdoor equipment to keep it from clanking against other objects and to reduce glare. Washable and reusable! One roll covers 1 average shotgun, rifle or bow.

Also Great for:

- Scopes
- Binoculars
- Flashlights
- Outboard Motors
- Oars
- Dog Collars
- And Other Gear Made in USA


- Stretch Fabric Wrap - Not a Tape!
- Sticks to Itself - Not Your Gear!
- Reusable - Leaves No Residue!
- Improves Grip in the Field
- 1 Roll Covers 1 Average Shotgun, Rifle or Bow

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