Enertech 10704 Complete Fuel Treatment 12 oz, Concentrate

Enertech 10704 Complete Fuel Treatment 12 oz, Concentrate

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Using CFT (Complete Fuel Treatment) can actually save you money. Why spend the extra money for blended fuel (#1D or Kerosene blended with #2D) when CFT can do more for less. Blended fuel is both expensive and counterproductive. Number 1D fuel and or Kerosene has significantly less BTU’s per gallon* than does straight #2D fuel. So using these products gives you less energy per gallon. #1D and or Kerosene are more expensive than #2D.


- Provides Lubricity to meet or exceed all OEM Specifications
- Provides anti-gel protection – will lower CFPP and PP 25°F to 35°F
- Disperses Water – both dissolved and free water
- Improves Fuel Injector Cleanliness to meet or exceed Cummins L-10 specification
- Inhibits corrosion to meet or exceed Cummins N-14 specification
- Improves oxidative stability
- Improves thermal stability
- Raises Cetane 4 to 6 points
- Dissolves gums, varnishes, and carbon deposits and prevent new ones from forming
- Acts to protect seals and gaskets
- Neutralizes Acids
- Stabilizes Fuel

Size: 12 oz (Concentrate)

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