Daisy 990878-406 Targets Oozing Watermelon

Daisy 990878-406 Targets Oozing Watermelon

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Part Number:990878-406
Oozing Melon Target by Daisy. Ever used a watermelon as a target? Now Daisy takes a fun backyard activity to the next level with the Oozing 3-D Watermelon Target. The three-dimensional watermelon target is fixed to a card which, when used with a safe backstop, provides hours of shooting fun. Save the watermelon for the picnic. These targets are reusable, long-lasting and can withstand a surprising number of BB shots. Every shot produces a flow of pink soy-based oozing slime which is non-toxic, non-staining and washes off easily. Made in USA with 100% biodegradable content and recyclable outer shell.


- Expertly crafted from premium materials
- Designed to match rigorous quality standards
- High quality at a budget-friendly price more details
- Three-dimensional watermelon target
- Reusable, long lasting
- Pink soy-based oozing slime is non-toxic, non-staining
- 100% biodegradable content and recyclable outer shell


- Product height: 10"
- Product width: 10"
- Product length: 4"
- Product weight: 1.25 lbs.
- Target Type: 3-D

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