Truglo TG140F3G Speed Shot Bowfishing Arrow
Truglo TG140F3G Speed Shot Bowfishing Arrow

Truglo TG140F3G Speed Shot Bowfishing Arrow

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Built for the way you hunt, for hunters, by hunters. That's the kind of high-performance gear TruGlo strives to create year in and year out. Gear that not only looks good, but helps real hunters succeed under real conditions. Because when your heart is pounding and time itself seems to bend with every breath, you simply can't afford to fail. After all, these are the big leagues, and there is no "do-overs".

Speed Shot Arrow FG STD PNT


- Premium grade, hardened stainless steel tip
- 250 grain point with pivoting barb for quick fish removal and improved penetration
- Premium fiberglass high-visibility florescent colored shaft
- Ultra-slim nock diameter improves accuracy
- Most arrow slides can be easily installed over the nock

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