Tapco 16606 Intrafuse Sling System
Tapco 16606 Intrafuse Sling System

Tapco 16606 Intrafuse Sling System

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There is no reason to buy more than one sling to get a single and 2-point attachment setup. The INTRAFUSE Sling System makes sure you don't have to. This sling system comes with everything needed to attach as a single point or a 2-point sling. Never leaving good enough alone, Tapco has also enhanced some of the components in the system. Tapco has replaced the old HK style hook adaptor with a new MASH Hook making it easier to use with gloves and allowing it to fit almost any size connector. The hook is also covered with an elastic sock that protects the weapon from scratches and reduces noise. It does not stop there though. We have also made sure that our sling system will work with all popular stocks, fixed and collapsible, by adding a short and long loop attachment. Still 100% U.S. Made too! All of that and this system is still under $40.00.


- 1.5" Nylon
- Military Grade Nylon and Buckles
- Evertying needed to be used as a single point or 2-point sling
- 100% Made in the U.S.A.

Sling Components:

- Sling Body
- Y-Attachment Harness
- Mash Hook Attachment
- Short Loop Attachment
- Long Loop Attachment

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