SportEar XPR-GM/L XP Series Reactor Ear Plugs Green

SportEar XPR-GM/L XP Series Reactor Ear Plugs Green

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Part Number:XPR-GM/L
Axil's XP Series Reactor Ear Plugs has reactive, interchangeable filters which block damaging noise while letting you hear frequencies to help you maintain more normal hearing around you. The filters are designed to let in low level passive sounds to allow you to have "normal" hearing whether damaging loud or intermittent sounds are happening around you or not. They provide an intentionally low NRR rating of around 8 dB for passive attenuation. When loud noises occur, the combination of disc and mesh inside of the filter provides an impulse noise reduction of as much as 33 dB.


- Type: Earplugs
- Color: Green
- NRR: 33 dB
- Quantity: 1 Pair
- Style: Inside The Ear
- Material: Plastic

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