Shooter's Choice CLP01 Universal Gun Care Pack
Shooter''s Choice

Shooter's Choice CLP01 Universal Gun Care Pack

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This all in one Shooter's Choice Universal Gun Care Kit is the gun care kit for all firearms.


Shooter's Choice Firearms Bore Cleaner:

- 2 oz. resin bottle with applicator spout
- Conditions bore for impact accuracy on first shot
- Seasons bore to resist fouling build-up
- Non-Abrasive
- Prolongs barrel life
- Removes all types of fouling, powder, carbon, lead, copper, and plastic shotgun wads

Shooter's Choice FP-10 Lubricant:

- 4 oz. container with applicator spout
- Used by U.S. Special Forces
- Out performs Teflon based products
- Reduces friction and wear
- Use on firearms, auto, fishing tackle, household, marine, shot, and sports equipment
- No build up or tolerance changes

Shooter's Choice Rust Preventative/Lubricant:

- 6 oz. aerosol container
- Protects against rust, corrosion, fingerprints and body acids, pitting, and salt air
- Penetrates, non corrosive, lubricates, ultra thin film
- Use on firearms, auto, fishing tackle, industrial, marine, shop, and sports equipment

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