Hornady 050076 Lock-N-Load Ammunition Concentricity Tool

Hornady 050076 Lock-N-Load Ammunition Concentricity Tool

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The Hornady Lock-N-Load Ammunition Concentricity Gauge is the first tool on the market to both identify and eliminate bullet runout. Bullet runout can be caused by a number of different variables in the reloading process and can affect the accuracy of loaded ammunition. By identifying bullet runout and eliminating it, ammunition becomes more consistent, which leads to better accuracy. Just place loaded cartridge in the tool, roll it, and identify runout on the dial. Once runout is identified the dial indicator is used to adjust runout to zero. This tool will work with both reloaded ammunition and factory ammunition to eliminate bullet runout and make it a thing of the past.


- Type: Concentricity Gauge
- Function: Identify and Eliminate Bullet Runout
- Accuracy: .001"
- Range: 0-1"

Notes: 4" Max Cartridge Length

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