Hornady 043300 Case Care Cleaning Kit
Hornady 043300 Case Care Cleaning Kit

Hornady 043300 Case Care Cleaning Kit

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Hornady Case Care Cleaning Kit is one of the most cost-effective ways to clean your casings. Instead of cobbling together a hodgepodge collection of cleaning tools, you can buy the complete Hornady cleaning kit at a substantial savings. The Hornady Case Care Reloading Cleaning Set includes plenty of cleaning tools: case sizing lubricant, universal accessory handle, chamfering/deburring tool, primer pocket cleaner heads, case lube pad and loading tray and three neck brushes for the following calibers: .22, .338 to .35 and .44-45. Hornady makes it easy to keep your cases clean with the Hornady Complete Case Care Bullet Cleaning Kit.


- Complete Case Cleaning Kit by Hornady
- Keeps Your Cases Clean For More Efficient Reloading and More Accurate Ammunition

Kit Includes:

- Case Sizing Lubricant
- Universal Accessory Handle
- Chamfering/Deburring Tool
- Primer Pocket Cleaner Heads
- Case Lube Pad
- .22, .338 to .35 and .44-45 Caliber Neck Brushes


- Calibers: .22, .338, .35, .44, .45
- Weight: 0.86 lbs

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