Glomex A/B Amplifier f/TV Antennas w/By-Pass Control
Glomex Marine Antennas

Glomex A/B Amplifier f/TV Antennas w/By-Pass Control

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A/B Amplifier for TV Antennas with By-Pass Control

The 12V 50030 amplifier equipped with by-pass allows the antenna to adjust the intensity of both weak and strong signals and also enables it to reduce the interferences produced by instruments or on board household appliances.

If strong signals are present, the by-pass option deactivates amplification and directly transmits to the TV set without interrupting TV images or losing the signal.


  • Adjustable Gain: Yes
  • Input: 2 inputs, one from the antenna and one from the dock or the DVD
  • Output: 1 output to TV or 2/4 way splitter (max 4)
  • Amplifier By-Pass: Yes
  • Signal: High output level to the TV system or to the 2/4 way splitter (max 4)
  • Power Supply: 12Vdc
  • Gain Average: 27.5 dB
  • Noise Factor: 2.1 dB

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