Cass Creek Game Calls CC041 Spring Gobbler Call
Cass Creek Game Calls

Cass Creek Game Calls CC041 Spring Gobbler Call

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The Cass Creek electronic Spring Gobbler call featuring five proven spring gobbler-attracting calls that are all authentic recordings of the real thing

Calls included:

- Spring Yelp- High pitched hen yelps call a gobbler to mate
- Purr- Soft call of contented hen used to convince gobbler those last few yards
- Tree Yelp/Fly Down- Wake-up yelps accompanied by wing beats
- Fighting Purr- Sparring for dominance triggers a hung up gobbler to come in
- Jake Gobble- Immature gobbler challenges the dominant torn


- Push button operation with "instant interrupt"
- Adjustable volume dial
- Rugged rubber grip design
- Auto shut-off saves batteries
- One-hand operation
- Natural bark camouflage
- Operates on 3 AAA batteries, included

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