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SBR Engraving For NFA Form 1 Firearms

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Product Description

NFA  Short Barreled Rifle Starter Kit

Are you building a short barreled rifle with an ATF Form 1 approval process?  Building your own SBR is a great way to get into NFA items that is affordable and completely customizable, plus, you get to play with your gun as a pistol (if desired) until you get your approval paperwork back.  The only difficult part is make sure you comply with the legal markings required for manufacturing a form 1 NFA rifle. 

Marking Requirements

You are required to mark the receiver with the manufacturer name, city, and state.  This applies even if your lower was manufactured by another manufacturer, because at this point you are manufacturing a new rifle in a short barreled configuration, so you (or your trust if applicable) is the new manufacturer.  You may re-use the serial number that is currently on the lower.  There is no real specification for the actual markings, but most engravers abide by the marking requirements for the serial number found in the ATF NFA literature, which states no less than .003" deep, and no less than 1/16" tall for the characters.  We generally mark it no less than .01".  We have a precision industrial laser that we are able to utilize to deep engrave receivers to satisfy the National Firearm Act requirements. 


The engravings must be in a conspicuous location not covered at any time by the operation of the firearm.  Many people think engraving on the inside lip of the magwell is acceptable, by the definition in the book we do not recommend this. 

  • Right hand side of mag well
  • Under trigger guard
  • Left or Right hand side above trigger pins
  • Above or Below markings on LH Mag Well


Optional Graphics & Text

If you want to add custom text or a logo as well at the same time this is not an issue and is a perfect combination and will save you shipping your frame to a bunch of different people at different times.  Just make sure your graphics are formatted in a black and white format, a vector is preferred and will result in a better engraving, but we can also handle some grayscale images.  Contact us for details and recommendations.  This will take your lower from a sweet SBR to an heirloom custom SBR that will stay in your family for generations.  Some ideas are family crests, business logos, tribute names and dates, military/police/fire/EMS logos & badges, propaganda, flags, and other patriotic graphics.


We are able to have your lower cerakoted while we have it.  There are a few considerations regarding how the engraving looks, especially if you are having an optional engraving done.  If we engrave prior to cerakoting, the finished product will look factory fresh as the engraving will be the same color as the rest of the lower.  This will result in a very professional look, and you will be able to color fill the lower if you want additional contrast.  If we cerakote prior to engraving, the bare aluminum will shine behind the engraving and create a shiny bright contrasting mark. 

Lower Receiver

If you are just starting the process and want to get a new lower we can provide you with a quality mil-spec lower.  We carry Anderson Manufacturing Multi Caliber marked lowers, Spike's Tactical Lowers, and many more. 

Get your Form 1 started now before the list gets even longer!  If you have not yet formed your trust, think of a short name!  Your complete trust name must be engraved on the firearm with NO abbreviations, so a last name with "Trust" or initials works great! We do have an FFL so sending us a firearm is not an issue.  Please contact us directly with any questions, we want to make getting your form 1 SBR process as easy as possible!  If needed we can also send the required paperwork for you to fill out and send to the ATF, just let us know in the details.

*The image and details above are a representation only, production variances may exist. For details please contact us or the manufacturer prior to ordering.
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