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If you are tired of the high price and scarcity of ammunition, or you are looking to match your ammunition up to your gun, reloading is for you.  Start with the basics and make sure you have a book or reloading manual.  Stock up on new brass to save time and not have to worry about dealing with fired brass.  Make your own bullets if you have a cheap source of lead and some free time, or pick up a few boxes of your favorite bullet ready to be loaded into a case.  Make sure your rounds are up to spec so you won't have any issues in the field with a good caliper.  If you are collecting fired brass make sure you have what you need to refurbish the cases in your next loading session.  Make sure you have the right set of dies for your caliber and your press, carbide dies will last longer but cost a little more up front.  If reading isn't your thing, or you need help visualizing the process, pick up a DVD to help you get started.    The heart of every reloading station is the press, if you are just getting started but want to be most effective, check out the progressive presses.  If you are mainly handloading, you might be better suited to a single stage press.  Make sure you don't have any issues with your primers and you have the right tool on hand.  Another very important tool for a reloading bench is the scale, check and recheck your charges regularly to make sure you are loading the right amount of powder in each shell.  Make sure you have the shell plates and shell holders for your caliber before you get ready to load.  Look for the best brands such as Hornady, RCBS, SmartReloader, Barnes, Nosler, Lyman, Sierra, Speer, Winchester and more.

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