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The shotgun is a very versatile firearm.  Deer hunting, bird hunting, skeet shooting, home defense... the list goes on and on.  For deer hunting, a slug barrel is best, but, buck shot will also effectively bring down a deer.  For bird hunting, a long barrel will hold a better shot pattern giving you a better chance for success.  If you are turkey hunting, consider getting a camoflauge shotgun that will blend in and not give you away at the crucial moment.  If you are duck hunting, consider a semi-automatic shotgun so you will have more follow up opportunities without having to manually cycle the shotgun.  For home defense, stay with a short barrel that will be more maneuverable in close quarters battle (CQB), and for most law enforcement a breeching barrel is an added consideration.  We carry quality makers like Browning, Mossberg, Reminton, Saiga, Century Arms, CZ, FNH, Stevens, Savage, Weatherby, and more.

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