Storm Lake Barrels Review

Storm Lake Barrel

Storm Lake Barrel

For some gun owners, the way a gun comes from the factory is the way the gun stays forever.  For others, it is just the beginning of a journey to optimum fit and function to an individual’s needs and wants.  We’ve done a few topics so far, Tritium Night Sights, LaserMax Native Green Guide Rod Laser, and we’ll have more to come, as this is a very meaty subject!  Obviously today we are looking at Storm Lake Barrels and what they bring to the table as far as pistol customization.

I originally began looking at replacement barrels so I could use a suppressor on my pistol.  Most factory barrels are not long enough and they are not threaded to support a suppressor.  Some manufacturers offer factory threaded options, but the list is rather short and they are usually pricey and hard to get.  That’s where Storm Lake comes in.  They have an extensive list of barrels available with an amazing amount of options.  You can get threaded barrels, ported barrels, extended barrels, custom feed ramps, custom finishes, and I’m sure even more than that.  Let’s not forget, we are just talking about a barrel here, and that is a lot of options!

Storm Lake Barrels offer replacement barrels for most 1911 pistols, Glock, Sig Sauer, Smith & Wesson, and Springfield Armory.  The barrels are all machined from 416R Stainless steel and hardened to 40-42 HRC.  Storm Lake describes the barrels to be match grade, and broach rifled so they are able to shoot jacketed or lead bullets.  Because of the many options they have available, I highly recommend when you are ready to get one, heading on over to their website and using the barrel builder to get the exact part number you need so you can make sure you order the exact right barrel.

Our test gun for this review is a Glock 19 Gen3.  I wanted to be able to suppress this pistol, so I opted for the threaded barrel with a thread protector.  Just a side note about thread protectors – use them.  If you have anything that is threaded, before you either remove a muzzle device, or install a threaded barrel, make sure you absolutely have a thread protector.  One small “oops” and your threads – and barrel – are ruined.  Back to the barrel!  Installation was a snap, if you can remove your factory barrel, you can add a Storm Lake Barrel, very easily.  If using a threaded barrel, make sure you remove the thread protector when installing the barrel, and INSTALL THE BARREL VERY CAREFULLY SO AS TO NOT SCREW UP THE THREADS!!! Ok, I’m done with my soapbox for now…  Once you have the barrel through the slide, put that thread protector back on it, and reassemble the pistol.

The fit was perfect, and functions perfectly in the Glock 19.  Immediately you will notice, your pistol now looks different (if you get the stainless finish…) which will make it stand out, and will probably get people asking about it.  In shooting, I didn’t notice any thing out of the ordinary, and the barrel performed just as you would expect a match grade barrel to perform.  If you choose to get an extended barrel with ports, the ports will help to keep muzzle rise to a minimum, which is especially helpful for match shooters.  The suppressor we put on the Glock is a SilencerCo Osprey45, and it threaded on perfectly and functions flawlessly on the pistol.  I couldn’t be more pleased with the combination.

Overall, Storm Lake Barrels makes a great product for the money and it is sure to keep you on target, while giving you the flexibility you need to customize your pistol for your purposes.  As always, get Storm Lake Barrels at for the lowest price online!