NFA SBR Engraving Starter Kit – Fastest way to getting a legal SBR Build Done

NFA Engraving for an SBR Build

Our NFA SBR Kit with an additional engraved logo

With the popularity of short barreled rifles on the rise, an interesting problem has arisen regarding the marking requirements of the National Firearms Act.  The law states that anyone that makes a firearm on a Form 1 must mark the receiver or frame with the name and city/state.  Since you are making the firearm, that is you!  There are some other details about depth and height that you don’t need to worry about, only the engraver does.  So what do most people do?  They wait until they have their form 1 and then they have to send off their lower that is now a registered NFA firearm to an engraver out of state to have their markings put on the lower.  We are offering a more convenient and cost effective (cheaper!) option to purchase a lower from us and have the engraving done up front.  This saves you time and money right from the start.  We offer this service on all of the lowers we sell and have special deals on Anderson Manufacturing and Spike’s lowers.  We are also a full custom shop with the ability to cerakote and even color fill most logos.  We’ll ship the lower to your FFL for free and you’ll be ready to go and fill out your Form 1 as soon as you receive your lower.  If you are looking to make a really stand out firearm, we can also custom engrave fire control marks, magwell logos, and we offer engraving on a full line of AR accessories such as the ejection port dust covers, takedown pins, pivot pins, mag releases, etc….  Our turnaround times are usually pretty quick depending on how much extra work we are doing.  We can also blacken the text and engrave on the front of the mag well/trigger area if requested.  If you have specific caliber needs we can also accommodate them.  If you are new to the NFA game, we highly recommend getting a trust (while you still can!).  So what are you waiting for, get your Form 1 started off the right way with our SBR Engraving kit.  For details like pricing and how to order check out our AR Engraving section on our website.