Custom Laser Engraved Ejection Port Dust Cover for AR15

Laser Engraved AR15 Ejection Port Dust Cover

An example of laser engraving the ejection port dust cover for an AR-15

We’ve all seen them, some of us have them, but you can never have enough of them.  What am I talking about?  Custom Laser Engraved ejection port dust covers for the AR-15 rifle and or pistol variant.  Come and take it, MOLON LABE, Don’t tread on me, Zombie Killer, Gonzalez Flag, Gadsden Flag, Liberty or Death, Caliber designations such as 300 AAC Blackout, 6.8SPC, 9mm, 556/223…  I could literally go on forever with what is possible to put on these covers.  A personal favorite of mine is the polite exterior cover such as the Don’t Tread on Me Snake when closed, then when you are engaged in firing the door opens and shows Come and Take It.  The themes are limited only by your imagination.  Another one referred to hope and change, I’ll let you guess which engraving when where….  Why do we like these so much?  They are a personal touch, a piece of flare if you may, that you can easily and cheaply add to your rifle to show off when at the range.  It will definitely turn heads at the range and it’s sure to start a conversation with some of your favorite friends sharing similar political ideals – usually!  Installation is quite simple, remove the c-clamp and carefully slide the retaining rod out towards the end of the receiver (this is for standard uppers, it will look like it won’t pull all the way out, but with a little gentle caressing, it will go…).  Take not of which direction the spring is installed, in fact, take a picture or make sure to have another upper around that you can reference when re-installing it.  Once installed, check the function and make sure the door opens and closes as it should.  After that, take it to the range and show it off.  Oh, don’t forget to take a few selfies with it and post on facebook where you got it :)   J/K…  Our dust covers are engraved in house using a state of the art laser engraving system that creates an oxide laser on the surface of the cover what will not wear off or rust.  We priced them right – just like everything else – so what are you waiting for, start collecting your pieces of flare and get them suited up on your AR.  A standard AR is a neglected AR, bling yours out today with a custom laser engraved ejection port dust cover from